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In learning accounting software like Xero, MYOB, or Reckon, it’s important to ensure that your in house bookkeeper can take advantage of all the resources each offers. You could end up with just that person who learns the ins and outs of using it, but can he then tell you which aspects of your business are doing well, and which are falling short?

We can help you learn not just how to work with your software of choice, but also how to understand your business and meet your goals through your gained knowledge of the software.

MYOB Training

When it comes to learning MYOB, there is no shortage of educational resources available. The most important thing however, is making sure that your own specific circumstances have been assessed and taken into account when creating your personal learning plan. When we see a business who is so disconnected from their books that they can’t even run a simple report in MYOB that is a danger bell that we can not ignore!

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Reckon Training

We know you’d get a ton of resources if you want to learn Reckon on your own just from doing a single Google search. But you have to ask yourself, is something as vital as maintaining a spotless chart of accounts really something you want to learn off a shady internet source? We want you to maintain a steadily growing profit margin by saving on costs month by month, year on year, and one way to do that is by having access to an efficient accounting system.

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Xero Training

When it comes to learning Xero the number one thing you need is someone who can connect the dots between your business and the platform you are trying to learn. Whilst Xero has an abundance of resources, guides,how-to’s and instruction manuals, what you really need is someone who can draw a line through the chaos and tell you which bits are important.

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