Reporting Insights

Reporting is one of those things that everyone feels like they can do, it’s just clicking export inside Xero or any other accounting software … right? In this day and age of cloud accounting, software packages integrations, and SaaS tools, every single person is capable and ready to run reports until they are blue in the face. 

But do they know how to read those reports?

What do those reports actually mean?

We provide the definitive edge between the numbers and the insights. And these are not interchangeable.

Get Powerful Insights From Your Books

Provided you haven’t screwed up the reconciliations, or any of the other input and output within the books, then you are sitting on an absolute gold mine of data. All you need to know is where to prospect and when. 

If a marketer sat you down to ask you these questions:

Who is your target audience?
What clients you should be getting more of?

If you can answer this, its likely because you understand your books, or that someone has understood them well enough to pass the insight across to you. 

There is literally (yes literally, not figuratively) no end to the valuable insights that can be gleaned from the collective list of cash moving in and out of your business. 

Comprehensive Financial Accounting And Reporting For Your Business

A report can be as simple as running an export from your accounting package, or as detailed as having someone run that report and then apply a layer of human expertise to the output.

1. Balance Sheet

You can run this as a standard report from almost any accounting package, this is a standardised report. As long as the data in the package is correct then the report will be also. But do you then know what to do with this? Other than handing it to that mortgage broker when they ask?

In reality, this humble report is one of the cornerstones of your entire business. There is no simpler way to understand exactly where you stand at any point, everything else is just noise. 

2. Profit And Loss Report

Another standard report, yet again reliant on the rest of your accounting package being maintained better than your wife’s shoe collection. We can use this report to give you a live feed of intel as to which portions of the business are working and where the problems are starting. 

Do you have an overspending problem? Do you have a line item which always equates to better profit? Is there a crazy variance between your ambitious goals and budgets versus the reality?

All of this can be assessed and answered by someone who knows what they’re reading with access to a trustworthy profit and loss statement. 

3. Cash Flow Tracking

This one is not as easily enabled simply by having an accounting package that’s been used properly. Cash flow management is nothing short of art mixed with deep scientific capability. It is not for the faint of heart, but this comes with requisite benefits. 

If you need to get to the next level on your situational awareness of cash, then you are not going to be able to rely on any one piece of software, and you certainly are not going to be able to rely on your run-of-the -mill pencil pusher to bring this to the forefront. 

4. GST Analysis

It’s not enough to just have GST that has been collected and entered across your systems, someone really should be coming back and giving it a 20,000-foot view and analysis.

Do all the codes line up? Has someone made an entry error? Are you potentially non-compliant with some piece of GST regulation you never cared to check up on?

We go deep in compliance, (in an unhealthy way, this is how we find zen…) so that you don’t need to ever be concerned.  


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